Blogger vs BlogSpot

Blogger vs Blogspot : Is Blogger the Same as Blogspot?

Blogger vs Blogspot

Blogger or Blogspot is a free blog publishing service provided by Google. Blogger and Blogspot both are the same. Because the blogger is a free CMS (content management system) and Blogspot is a subdomain. Both are owned by Google. In other words, when a user creates a blog on a subdomain is automatically allotted to that user.

What Is Blogger? is basically a sub-domain service. Whenever you create an account or blog on blogger, you will automatically be provided with a Blogspot sub-domain name like “”. The confusion among and Blogspot is due to the webpage that opens while trying to access both of them. Since “” also leads to the site “”, it has become a common perception that both these terms are one and the same. To streamline the discussion, let us now further have a look at what actually is “Blogger”.
Except the subdomain your entire blog will be hosted and run on So in other words we can say that is a hosting service for BlogSpot. Now, this is actually the platform the users generally keep talking about.
● First thing come into your mind is that who owns blogger?
● Blogger or blogspot was launched on August 23, 1999, by Pyra Labs due to some reasons the company was bought by Google in 2003.
● You don’t need to give any single amount in order to create your blogs. It gives you many themes and options to make your blog look professional and beautiful.
● You can also make an e-commerce, static, informative, photography, and news websites on blogger.
● Every new blogger starts its new journey form blogger. Many people are still using blogger instead of many other platforms like WordPress, Wix, etc.

What Is Blogspot? is basically a sub-domain service. Whenever you create an account or blog on blogger, you will automatically be provided with a Blogspot sub-domain name like “”.
● Blogspot is a sub-domain server. Basically in blogger when you create a website then you will get your domain with Blogspot. For example, when I create a website about tech and chose a Blogspot domain-like abultimateguides then my website will be shown as
● For example, I am hosting on blogger and before buying a domain name I am using the domain with Blogspot ( after I buy a domain name then I replace it with
Whenever we visit we redirect to because Blogspot is a subpart of blogger without blogger, blogpsot is nothing it can only access with

Blogger vs BlogSpot

Difference Between Blogger and Blogspot

Blogspot is a free domain server that provides a sub-domain name to the users.Blogger provides hosting for this blogging platfrom.
It is meant to host Blogger account only.Blogger can be used with other custom domain instead of
Its purpose is only to host a blogger account.The services of blogger can be accessed from various different domains.
It is a free domain provided by Google with limited functionalites.Blogger itself is a big platform for making new websites.
It is meant to run with blogger platform only.
It is a part of a blogger and cannot work without it.

Summary of Blogspot vs Blogger

So we now sum up with the tutorial and reach towards its end. I hope that we are clear by now regarding the point wise comparison in the table.
Blogger is a free platform for blogging and here you can make an awesome website, while blogspot is a free domain service that provides to the user which included with a subdomain of blogspot. It is compulsory for blogspot to connect with the blogger.
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