If you know these terms well, then you can easily understand by placing ads of different ad networks on your website , which ad network is the best and is the best online ad network site to earn well . For this , it is very important for you to know their terms , only then you will be able to make good income from these ad networks , so let’s understand about them .

What is CPC, CPM, CTR, CPA and RPM ?
If you have a website, then you must have used some ad network , here we will tell you step by step about all the terms of online advertising .

  1. CPC
  2. CPM
  3. CTR
  4. CPA
  5. RPM
  6. CPL

What is CPC?
CPC i.e. Cost per Click This is the most commonly used advertising terms , according to this terms, when a visitor clicks on the ads , it is paid according to the per click . CPC depends on the keywords, some keywords get higher rates. Those are called high cpc , similarly the keywords on which the money per click is less are called low cpc .

The CPC rate can be $51 and can also be 0.05 . The CPC rate also depends on any country , that means from which country the ads were clicked, if clicked from India then the maximum CPC can go up to 0.70 and if from America If clicked, the maximum CPC can go up to $70 .

Formula to Calculate CPC
CPC = total cost/number of clicks of the advertiser

What is CPM?
CPM means cost per mile , it is also known as cost per thousand . Advertisers running CPM ads fix a rate of ads per 1000 impressions and when their ads are shown and viewed by the visitors, then you see the profit on your earnings, for example, suppose the total cost of your ads If it is $100 and there are 20000 impressions on your ads , then we will divide it by 1000 and divide it by the total cost .,

20000/1000 = 20 (total impressions/1000 = bidding cost)
100/20 = 5 (total cost/bidding cost = cpm)
Here 5 is your CPM .

Formula to Calculate CPM
CPM = total cost/(Total Impression/1000)

These advertisers pay only for the impression seen , meaning any ad is considered to be seen as long as at least 50% of it has been played or seen on the screen, which is a normal 1 second .

What is CTR?
CTR means click through rate. CTR shows that the total number of people who viewed the ad saw that ad and clicked on it, it tells its percentage, for example, suppose your total ad was seen by 1000 people and out of them only 5 people saw that ad. If you click on it, then your CTR will be 0.5 . Means CTR is its percentage rate .

Formula to Calculate CTR
CTR = Number of Click/Number of Impression×100

What is CPA?
CPA means cost per action. It is also called cost per conversion , it is mostly used in affiliate marketing , in which the advertiser pays his publisher only when someone makes a sale from his ads , for example if a publisher sells any affiliate marketing product . So its publisher gets commission, then this process is called CPA (cost per action) .

What is RPM?
RPM means Round per mile. It is also called Page RPM . Depends on RPM, CTR and CPC RPM means how much money you have earned from 1000 page views from your blog if your blog has earned $10 on 2000 page views and your impression will be 5000 then RPM of your blog is $2 will be

Formula to Calculate RPM
RPM = (Estimate Earning/Ad Impression) ×1000

What is CPA?
CPA (Cost Per Action)
CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It is a model where leads are only paid if they complete an action, such as buying a product.

What is CPL?
CPL (Cost Per Lead)
CPL stands for Cost Per Lead. It is a model where leads are qualified into genuine prospects being sold.

Now you must have understood what is the full form of CPC , CPM , CTR, CPA and RPM.

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