How to do Keyword Research

How to do Keyword Research | Guide for SEO

How to do Keyword Research

There are different types of keywords, e.g.

Commercial Keywords
Informational Keywords
Navigational Keywords
Transactional Keywords

If someone is searching for a keyword in a search engine that is about the recipe for “a certain food”, it means that their buyer’s intent is not a buyer’s intent just looking at how to make the food and maybe Wanting to cook your own food this way

But if he writes “Best price for iphone 7” then it means he wants to buy something, then this “buyer’s word” has become buyer intent keywords, that is, behind it is buyer’s intent buyer intent, so what should we do? The words of the entrepreneur have to be extracted. Suppose if you write the key “pizza” then it means that there is no buyer intent in it and what is in the mind of the user is not clear, he wants to know about pizza, this Want to read about etc. but if someone writes “Pizza in City Name”If this is a transactional Keyword then its value will increase and then it means that he wants to buy. Guys who are in this area, that is, it has a Buyer Intent in it, so people have invested in its word and advertised to Google, that is, its keyword is useful, so keep in mind that we The keywords of the work are to rank

If we just rank the word pizza a little bit (which you don’t have) then maybe some traffic will come but it won’t be of any use. They will say that there is a lot of traffic coming from Adsense. It doesn’t make any difference. Obviously, where will the people who have advertised their words to Google on Google not rank their words? Even less so

Informational Keywords

In which the question would be “question words” such as “where,” “howw,” how to do this, etc. Keywords are of no use to you because they are not commercial keywords Navigational Keywords.

It includes keywords when a user searches for a company or brand by typing the name, these keywords are most often used by a user who wants to know about the company or find the address or phone number of that company. Would have been doing or wanting to know about its product.

 Some important tools

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