How to verify Adsense Without Pin

How to verify Adsense Without Pin

How to verify Adsense Without Pin

Complete way to verify Google AdSense account with National Identity Card, Driving License or Passport.

Today we will learn how to verify a Google AdSense account. Whenever we start working online on the Internet, YouTube, websites or third party websites like Blogger Blog, we need an advertising platform for which we like to use Google AdSense account. All you have to do is show the ads of different companies on our website. Some viewers see these ads as earning money. YouTube / Google AdSense retains some of the earnings from advertising and the rest is paid to us through the Google AdSense account. That’s why we desperately need a Google AdSense account to earn and earn money from YouTube / Website.

How to verify Google AdSense account?

You must have at least 10 doller in your Google AdSense account to verify your Google AdSense account. As soon as the amount in your account reaches 10 doller 10, an email from Google AdSense will be sent to the email address entered in your Google AdSense account. In which you will be asked to verify your Google AdSense account.

An e-mail from Google AdSense asks us to log in to our AdSense account and go to Settings to verify the account. To complete this verification you will need to provide a photo of the National Identity Card issued by your current government. You do not have to have a National Identity Card. You can also use your driving license or passport if you do not have a national identity card. You can verify your account with any one of these three. The name on your payment profile must match the name on your ID card.

How to scan ID Card / Driving License / Passport

If you have a camera or mobile phone with good results with the help of which you can take a good photo of your ID card etc. then it is better to scan them with the help of scanner. So that there is no problem in the identity documents. If you are trying to take a picture of an ID card with the help of a mobile phone or a camera, make a picture by bringing the best ID card / documents in the center of the screen so that you can get a complete photo of the ID card.

How to verify Adsense Without Pin

Is it necessary to upload both sides of ID card / driving license?

Yes! Photographs must be taken on both the front and back of the ID card. A photo of both sides of the driver’s license is also required. While both the profile pages of the passport should be photographed together. How to configure an identity document can be seen below.

How to upload ID card photo?

To verify a Google AdSense account, you need to verify your identity card with either photo / driving license or passport. For example, I use my National Identity Card. The rest is the same procedure. So first I log in to my google account. Click here to log in to your account .

In front of you will be a screen show similar to the picture given below. Click on the “Action” button as shown in the image below.

How to verify Adsense Without Pin

As soon as you click on the “Action” button, the page will refresh and then something like this layout will appear. Click the “Verify Now” button according to the picture below.

How to verify Adsense Without Pin

As soon as you click on the “Verify Now” button, a popup window will open immediately. Click on the “Upload” option as per the picture below. As soon as you click on the upload link, an instant popup window will open.

How to verify Adsense Without Pin

Now open the drive or folder in the computer where the identification photos are located. Select your national ID card, driver’s license or passport photo and click the “Open” button at the bottom of the screen below. The page will be refreshed shortly and your photo will be uploaded.
Note: – Be sure to check any file you upload here, so that there is no resolution, blurred photo, name error or any other problem. Because you only have 3 chances, so check carefully and well. So that the first time you upload a photo, your account is verified.

Suppose the file that was uploaded has been successfully uploaded. Now click on the “Submit” button below.

How to verify Adsense Without Pin

This process may take a few days. We will email you the results. If we are unable to verify your identity, you will need to resubmit your documents. You have a limited number of attempts. Now click on the “Get It” button.

How to verify Adsense Without Pin

Within minutes we have received mail from Google AdSense. The title of the e-mail indicates that our account has been successfully verified.

Yes! If you wish, you can read the e-mail that our Google AdSense account has been successfully verified. You can also verify your Google Accounts with your National Identity Card, Driving License or Passport.

Click here to learn how to verify your Google AdSense account address

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