Reasons for Google Adsense Account Termination

Reasons for Google Adsense Account Termination | Techno Point

Reasons for Google Adsense Account Termination

Once Google has made you a member of Google AdSense, now you can
violate Google’s policies as much as you want, there is no stopping it, it can never happen… Google
will block your account for violating Google’s policies.

Many Reasons for Account Closure

There can be many reasons for account closure.
We are sharing the most important reasons with you.
Before reading the account blocking reasons, remember that Google company sends a warning
email once before blocking the account . If you still don’t give up the wrong ways, and continue to violate Google’s policies to fulfill your dream of getting rich overnight , then…. Google blocks your account. Remember!! If

Not only this, but you will not be able to get a new account in the future. Let me remind you again
that Google is not stupid enough to hand out dollars
to people for nothing. Google is very smart, so be smart too.
Your Google Adsense account will be blocked for the following reasons.
Read all the reasons carefully and be careful not to waste your hard work in the process of earning more.

Read all the Reasons

  1. Never click on your own ads.
    About 85 percent of users try to click on their own ads because the initial income
    There is no cure for impatience, so impatient users make mistakes
    and try to increase their income by clicking on their own ads. The result
    is that Google emails you that Sir! Your account has been suspended due to
    Invalid Clicks.

2.Even when you install Google Ads on websites
that fall under the category of Sex, Wares, Hacking, Gambling
or Drugs , Google blocks your account.
Often users install ads on sexy websites which is prohibited as per Google policy.

3.Never put your ads on thank you, registration or subscription pages because
There is no content on these pages and the user feels free and clicks on the ads.
Yes, when some information or some other content is given on these pages
then you can install Google Ads.

4.Even when multiple Google Adsense accounts are created, Google blocks your account. Remember!!
Whether you have one website or 10 , a single AdSense account is enough.
5.When your account gets banned, you are banned for life.
If you try to create a new account again, it will get banned, but after some time , it will get banned will be done. Then
what will you do? Don’t lose heart now…. If something like this has happened to
you i.e. your account has been closed then create it in another name like your
brother’s name or your father’s name…
But try not to place an ad on a website or blog that you have previously placed an ad on.

  1. One of the reasons for Google Adsense account suspension is that people get their ads clicked by their friends or acquaintances
    or join groups that click on your ads daily. What do you think Google is crazy? Google realizes at the first opportunity
    where the most clicks are coming from. And it blocks your account

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