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What is Domain ?

What is a domain and how does it work?

Whenever a website is started, a name is suggested for it, a name that identifies the business and everyone communicates the business by that name, the domain. Also in a way the website name or ad race is whenever you create a website it needs a name because without that name or ad race no one will access your website. can’t reach
While many things are required to create a website, it also requires a permanent address. The address is changed to the domain name for ease of use.

How does it work?

Any computer connected to the Internet or to a local network server is identified by an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is stored in the form of numbers. Similarly, every website has an IP address and it is also in the form of numbers. When we send a request for a website from our computer, it first goes to the Domain Name System (DNS). Identifies this website by IP and makes it visible to us

Now here you can think that when our computer is also on the IP address and the website is also on the IP address then what is the need of the domain name.

It’s just like in your phone directory, you save all your phone numbers as names and search for numbers by name, because it’s hard to remember so many phone numbers. As such, it is impossible to remember the IP numbers of websites, and they are replaced by domain names for the convenience of users.

A domain name consists of three parts eg (WWW.GOOGLE.COM)

(WWW) stands for World Wide Web, it is a service of internet that we are using.

(GOOGLE) This is the website name called domain.

(COM) This is the domain extension.

How many types of domain extensions are there?

As the number of websites started to increase, they were divided into extensions and websites were given extensions on the basis of types.

Well, more than 200 types of extensions have been provided so far, following are some of the commonly used extensions.

What is Domian

(com.) for commercial and business websites

(net.) networks for websites

(info.) For information websites

(org.) for organization websites

(edu.) For educational websites

(asia.) For websites that only operate their business in Asia

(int.) for websites that operate in more than one country

(gov.) for government websites

Domains that are purchased with an extension are called TLD top-level domains and these domains are considered standard domains on the Internet.

Extensions are also given to the names of countries

Apart from this, Extensions are also given to the names of countries

1: (pk.) Pakistan, for

2: (in.) India, for

3: (us.) America, for

4: (au.) Australia, for

5: (ca.) Canada, for

6: (hk.) Hong Kong, for

7: (jp.) Japan, for

8: (uk.) England, for

These domains are called (ccTLD) Country Code Top Level Domains

What is the difference between URL and domain?

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) refers to the address that goes to a specific page of a website, e.g.


Difference between a subdomain and a domain?

Just as a small category within a category is called a sub-category, similarly if you want to create another website related to your domain, you can use a sub-domain. Currently, the most sub-domain is Google.

:For example

1: (www.google.com) main domain

2:(gmail.google.com) subdomain

3:(docs.google.com) subdomain

4:(translate.google.com) subdomain

5: (play.google.com) subdomain

6: (photos.google.com) subdomain

7: (fonts.google.com) subdomain

8: (images.google.com) subdomain

Before purchasing a domain, one should check the availability of the domain name as the domains with good and popular names are already purchased.
Choose a domain name for your website very carefully, the domain name should match your website and not be simple, many companies sell domains.
If you search on Google, you will find many websites that are dealing with the domain

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