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What Is Niche ? Techno Point

What Is Niche ?

1: Niche

Whenever someone watches a video for beginners (Beginners) digital marketing information, or reads an article on a blog, a word Niche is heard or seen a lot. At the end of the day, what is it, and what is it being talked about?

Nish is an English word, interpret it in Urdu, then its meaning is (odd), in some languages ​​it is also called Nish, in common sense words, the word Nish should be used to explain (the type of Iqsam). It is

And if you look at the digital marketing term, it means, market specific customers for a particular type of product or service.

That is, the products you have selected to sell, now you have to find customers who will buy those products.

Or it may be that you already have a market of specific customers, and you know what products these customers would like to buy, in which case you have to find those products. which can be sold to these customers.

What Is Niche
What Is Niche

When you have specific customers and specific products to sell to them, it means that this is your niche. is taken.

A detailed review of how and where a specific niche is being exploited.

There can be many reasons for working on a specific niche such as:

Maybe working on a specific niche is your passion,

Maybe you have created an online shopping store on a specific niche,

Maybe join an affiliate program of a niche,

Maybe you have a website on a niche,

For example you are looking for a travel bag for yourself,

If you search for travel bags, the search engine will show you a huge list of websites, and it will have the names of the top big brands and stores, so in such a situation, how can a new comer find a place? will be made

Consider that you are working on a travel bag (niche), then for such a situation you will adopt a new strategy, and build a (niche) based complete website on the travel bag only, with a lot of types of bags in it. Add the key list, such as leather travel bags, cloth travel bags, children’s travel bags, student travel bags, etc.

Now whenever someone searches according to your added bag list, like someone searches for children’s travel bags, then understand that when your niche is also specific and users are also specific, the search engine results are also specific. It will give you a list of websites, all of which will be related to children’s travel bags, thereby increasing the chances of your niche website getting on the first page or top of the search engine quickly.

Niche marketing is considered to be the fastest way to earn online, all you need to do is select a good niche that doesn’t have too much competition, using your keyword research tool. Can find a good niche.

Micro Niche

Along with niche, the term micro niche is also used. , waste bags, newborn bags, micro niches.

Similarly, if mobile is your niche, then handfree, battery, charger, data cable, all these will be called micro niche.

Niche or micro-niche, platforms like niche blogging, niche website, email marketing are used to sell products, it enables you to quickly convince your niche customers.

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