What is SEO

What is SEO and How it Works

What is SEO

I am going to talk about search engine optimization introduction and the history of AC or the types of SEO and all those things the basic concepts. We starting from the level 0 if you do not know anything about the search engine optimization.

what is SEO so if we say about the history of SEO if we talk about the history of the sea or the SEO was actually born in here 1991 and around this time only the first web site was made. But it was not only the first web site around 1991 following the first web. Site there were many web site there were

many web site because internet was

getting popular the web sites were

getting popular so as soon as the first

web site became life the first big web

site was on the Internet

many other web sites followed it just

because there were there were so many

web sites on the Internet.

So and the those two in different fields in different delicious it was not easy to find your kind of content so if you want to find your kind of content it was not that easy. Because there were so many web sites and there was nothing like structure or accessibility.

So this was the actual problem so the actual problem was there was a very large information there was so much information. But there was no structure right so there there was a need of a search engine now search engine came into pictures and search engines actually organize the information. So today it became very easy for us we just go to such inner we just go to Google type or Korean then we get the results in the form of the searching about earlier. When the structure was not there we can also admit that the the number of website that. We are having today or than or the amount of information that we are having today on internet is is too large or too big. When we compare it with the previous one so but still at that time there was a there was a need of structure and accessibility. So to fulfill fulfill the need of the search engine there were different search engines introduced and then Yahoo came. But when we talk about the search engine optimization. if we talk about the search engine optimization actually then the real search engine optimization game.

History of SEO

 Started in 1996 when Larry Page and brynn. Started building more successful search engine till today

what are you guessing do you think that it was Google no it was not Google the earlier name of Google was backrub. So the things not started with the name Google the things started with the name backrub then backrub actually came into existence it. Became Google Knight so Google was not not the first name right back up was the actual search engine.

when the things got registered when you’ve got domain. When got mr. as a search engine it got the name it caught. The name Google right now Google came as a search engine now Google came as a search engine and at that time. When Google came there were different search he never those search engines were not

actually working on the algorithms to

search engines were like ranking the webpages based on the keywords based on

the keyword stuffing and all those things with you if you have a pain.

 If you have a website and you are going to put two three keywords in the headings.

If you are going to put the two three keywords in the title it it was very much easier at that time to get your website to get your web page rank now.

Here Google actually saw the opportunity and they started working on the algorithms they started giving more values to the quality that. We actually see today so this is actually the foundation of search engine optimization that you

have to give quality to your web pages

you have to give quality to your content

you have to put some relevant content.

If you want to yourself to rank on some keywords then there should be relevant content for those keywords and then relevant content and the quality of content. These were all different things on which Google is actually started working. Started making their algorithms they started working on their algorithms putting all these things as a foundation. So these were the different points which were actual foundation for the search engine optimization the great thing about.

I’ll be very much inclined towards the foundation of the search engine optimization. I’ll be not talking about the spammy tricks. let us come to the definition of the search engine optimized. if someone talks what is such you know there’s such a no optimization is the practice of increasing the numbers and the quality of the visitors to our website by improving the rankings in the algorithm make search engines sell that is. What I have just told you that Google actually started working on algorithm results. We wanted to show algorithmic results based on the different parameters. Which we have mentioned over there both parameters were actually quality relevancy and all those things they actually. Started working on the algorithm make parameters. So the basic definition of the search engine optimization of a someone ís know. What is search engine optimization is actually a process it’s a process. So that we can increase the number of the visitors to our website by improving our rankings.

Now if we talk about the types of his new types of SEO is basically how we can do SEO. How can we do search engine optimization how can we get our website ranked.

So if we talk about the type of this your kind of a work though the type of work that. We actually do in SEO can be categorized into three main categories the

One is on-page

SEO the second one is

 off page SEO

see on page SEO operation then the technical SEO these are the three activities that. We actually do for the search engine optimization to get our to get our website or web page and in a search engine result pages on.

 A particular keyword so user come Skype some key person we want to have a patch to to be Ryan do with it right. So these are the three main types of search engine optimization the first one is

on-page SEO on page SEO relates to the content on your website. So suppose if you are making any changes on your website if you’re making changes in the

h1 tag for example if you are making

changes in the h1 tag if you are making

changes in the title tag of your website

making changes in the description tags

of your website and why you are making these changes because you just want a website to be ranked on certain keywords.

So if you make if you’re making changes on your website in your content actually in your content that is actually related

to on-page SEO for example

 But I have taken an example like we can say the title tag description tag each one takes for making changes and all those things will be cut coming under on-page and.

off-page SEO

on the other hand if we talk about the off page SEO techniques. Then off page SEO technique is basically creating backlinks and I it’s something very technical is written over here off page SEO. Techniques help strengthen the influence and relationship of your website with other websites. So we are actually talking about the relationship and relationship between websites is justified by the backlinks. So octane if we talk about operate in a single line then up it is actually about backlinks.

So on page we have seen that what is on which SEO or both on page activities the activities that. We are going to do in our content on the main content of the website for the sake of ranking is called as actually on page and then. We have seen operate and technical SEO suppose that if you are looking to improve the page speed of your website in this is something. Which we can say that technical SEO in this tutorial. we have covered what is SEO what are the different types of SEO what kind of SEO we are going to do to improve our ranking and what is actually the history of SEO that’s it that is the basic introduction to SEO Type of issue.

I hope you have enjoyed.

About What is SEO and How it Works

The tutorial soon and if you do some more content or SEO good bye

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